Sunday, December 19, 2010

Beautiful Baby Boy Bruno

Bruno's Soldiers Words~

"He is a great puppy. He started coming around recently and honestly just captured my heart. Once I started playing around with him he made me feel at ease in a strange way. I could not help but think of how he would be a wonderful addition to my home. Every day he comes around and he plays with some of our guys, I try to see him everyday but I miss him sometimes."

This soldier has a dog he loves greatly back home named River. Because of some family issues River is going to be split up from the brother pup he has been with for 3 years. This soldier is hoping that Bruno will fill that void for not only River but also for him and his son.

Because of the trials this soldier is facing Puppy Rescue Mission must make this happen!!!
Please help us!! Donate to Mission Bruno and lets get him to
The Land of the Free, Because of The Brave!

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