The Lucky Seven
Target RIP, Rufus, B, Jackie RIP,
Bear, Alph & Low Rider

Target RIP
Rufus Living the Life with his soldier in the USA!

B living the life with her Soldiers Family!

B & Jackie RIP (she became ill & was too weak)

Low Rider Living in Maine

Low Rider's puppies.  She and Rufus had a going away party before they left Afghanistan and this is the result...

This is Scout one of Low Riders Puppies.  Her soldier get home Dec 9th!!!
This is Zoe one of the puppies and her soldier too gets home Dec 9th.

Soldier Chris and Rufus, Low Rider &

Anna & Bear...Love at first sight!

Chris on R&R with the pups in Maine.
Summer 2010!

Bear loving life in Maine!

Alph & tall grass in Maine.  She is in love!

Other Puppies That Puppy Rescue Mission has assisted with Fundraising for Our Soldiers...

Lucky USA saved by Canadian Soldiers and homed in the Maine, USA.



FET now living in Texas!

Snickers in Afghan

She was with puppies and delivered them a few weeks after getting to the USA!  10 gorgeous pups all going to live with Soldiers!

Sheeba's soldier is Home as of December 2010!!!!

Patches waiting for the arrival of her Soldier John!
More to come soon!