Friday, January 7, 2011


From Angel Gil:
Tilly is properly settled and tucked in to bed. In the morning she's going to have a nice bath and a trip to the vet (to start the new year off on a health kick like everyone else). She was quiet as a cucumber in her crate when I picked her up. I let her out immediately. She enjoyed all the new smells, had a snack, drank an entire bottle of water, and walked by my side on a leash like we'd known each other forever. When she'd done her business and we started to drive home, she let out a sigh on the back seat and promptly went to sleep.
We got to the house and she wouldn't come in! She was very reluctant to meet her new sister Shafina. They wagged tails a bit, but Tilly seemed generally unimpressed. Eventually she came in and sniffed everything. We are keeping them in separate rooms overnight just to make sure Tilly gets rest. They'll have time to get to know each other.
She's a lovely dog with a very sweet temperament. Very cuddly and affectionate. She likes to play, as we found out when she did some somersaults on her bed. She also likes rawhide rolls - delicious, made in the USA beef rawhide. Yum. She picked it up and carried it to the bed. Seems like someone in Afghanistan gave her a rawhide! : )
Anyway, Tilly says thank you very much for being a part of her rescue. She loves her new home and can't wait to give you all a lick someday.
Sweet little Tilly.

Puppy Rescue Mission and Sasha House say PAW SALUTE to Lt. Col Mike & Amy Williams for their big hearts and to Angela and her husband for giving a wonderful safe and forever home to Tilly!!!!