Monday, November 29, 2010

In Memory of Target Hero Dog From Afghanistan

Tilly's Story!

Shafina in Afghanistan where Steven met her and fell in love.  How could you leave such a sweet thing?  The rescuer was the same organization that rescued Tilly. 

Shafina today in Texas.  She and Tilly will be sisters and look they both have white booties!  TWINS!

     Wonderful News! Tilly has a new family in the USA!  She will be living with Steven & Angela in Texas!  Shafina is her new sister and she was brought back by Steven as a puppy last year from Afghanistan.  Shafina was found on a remote military post in Afghanistan.  The 2 girls will be doggie battle buddies. They will be spoiled & loved dearly by their 2 service member in the household.  (She'll also be chipped and registered like Shafina.)

    Having Tilly arrive in time for Christmas will be a real blessing.  We're extremely appreciative of the opportunity to adopt Tilly & will set up a Facebook page for her to let everyone know how she's doing & how thankful she is that everyone helped bring her to a happy forever home!

Thank you very much!  Steven & Angela

She is now at 100%!!!  Now to firm up her forever home!
Hey all...I haven't gotten around just yet to personally thanking everyone that has donated...but I promise I will soon. In the meantime, thank you. It is truly humbling and I will continue to keep everyone updated as we move forward. Thanks again

Mike Williams
Tilly's Story
Hello friends!

"Tilly" needs your help. We are sending out a plea to all our animal loving friends out there to help raise funds to send a very special and deserving dog back to the US so she can find a loving home. Tilly is a very sweet girl that we rescued from a sewer drain on the side of a busy street in Afghanistan. She was attempting to survive the best she could with her 4 remaining puppies (2 were already found dead). We couldn't bear what we saw so we took Tilly and her remaining puppies to our safe house where we were able to care for her and the puppies. Unfortunately, the 4 puppies died from a serious illness they had already contracted but we were at least able to provide them with lots of love and care. These dogs became a blessing for all the soldiers in our house as they gave us a sense of normalcy and the bond we developed was very strong. When we all had to vacate our safe house, unfortunately Tilly wasn't able to move with us but luckily I was able find an area shelter to temporarily keep her. She is a very gentle, sweet girl who deserves a loving home. She is healthy, has had her vaccinations but still requires spaying. Unfortunately, the cost to bring her back to the states is high because of all involved. The total is $2500. Were asking if your able to help in anyway, thank you! This ChipIn page securely connects any credit card payments to a PayPal site that will be used to collect donations solely for Tilly's benefit.

Mike Williams, Lt Col, USAF



Today PRM decided to blog...
Anna is awaiting her soldier to land on USA soil.
She is anxious and so very excited to have him home and safe. Bear and Alph are prepped for the homecoming having visited the spa and clean as a whistle. The house is decorated for Christmas and all that is left is the Soldier Chris and his arrival!

Paw Salute!