Molly & Rufus

Rufus hanging out in his dog house.  He showed up one day and was so scared that he would bark at everyone and everything.  His caretaker has been successful in reassuring Rufus that he is safe with them.  Molly also makes sure Rufus is safe. 
Here he is hanging out with Molly who is the older mamma and she has been protecting Rufus since he arrived last week.  Molly has found a forever home in the USA and she will be leaving soon.  So Rufus needs a home.  If anyone is interested please contact or

More to come concerning Rufus....


                                                      Molly eating breakfast
 Molly's World
Molly has been living outside of a base for 2 years. She has been spayed and given vet care by some very very caring Americans.  They have also covered all her expenses to get to the USA.  All they needed to make this journey complete was a home for Molly.  We set out to do that and within 1 week of Erica Weis posting on Facebook that Molly needed a home a Puppy Rescue Mission Friend emailed her desire.  This PRM Friend just so happened to be one of Angel Afghanistan Dog's donors
And most of all a PAW SALUTE to Brandon for being a special Puppy Lover and looking after so many strays! 
Our Angel Target & Sasha will be looking after you!

Molly's future home & Jasmine her sister to be.

Molly's future home & Jasmine her sister to be.