Sunday, December 11, 2011


Crate Chipin

One of the difficult aspects of getting all the animals out of Afghanistan is crates. We here in the USA are so fortunate to be able to go online or to the local store and buy what our furry friends need. Many other supplies are always needed but crates always seem to be the most difficult to have available in Afghanistan.
We appreciate all of our supporters more than you can know and once again we say Thank You to all Team PRM Family & Friends. Supporting our Soldiers is such a blessing and this is our small way of showing them that we love and appreciate them. PAW SALUTE!

In Memory Fund

The Puppy Rescue Mission suffered a heartbreak at the loss of Scout, Stryker, and Sapper. These three sweet puppies were in a very remote location of Afghanistan and the team at TPRM, along with some on-the-ground angels were trying to get to them for transport to the safe facility. Sadly, before transport could be arranged, the puppies were killed by the Afghan police. The devoted soldiers and their families have joined us in turning heartbreak into positive action.
In that spirit, the "In Memory Fund" has been set up - to remember Scout, Stryker, and Sapper - and continue the uplifting work of bringing home as many battle buddies as we can.



At combat outposts in Afghanistan, soldiers often adopt a stray neighborhood dog or two. They provide a huge morale boost for the soldiers there even if they're ornery, diseased and mangy, as the dogs often are.

Jazelle is the exception รข?? she is healthy, friendly and affectionate.

Soldiers from the Troop, keep Jazelle at their small outpost in the northern part of the city. About the size of a Jack Russell terrier, she trots along with soldiers on patrol every day. The Troop inherited her from the previous tenants of the Outpost, who took her to a vet at to get her shots.

"The guys leaving tried to take her with them, but she refused to leave the COP," said Staff Sgt. Bill. "She just falls in with whichever soldiers are staying here."

Thank You for your service Soldiers! It is because of men and women like you that we live in the Land of the Free. LETS GET Jazelle HOME!!!