Saturday, January 15, 2011

ALICE: Afghan Dog

This is to help our Canadian Friends:  Sasha's Legacy a Legacy of Love...May Fred & Alice have a safe journey to Canada!

From Fred:
Day 1
This is New Little Dude. She doesn't have a name yet but is my newest friend. She's a little sick, and we're going to get to the bottom of that. But for today, she's just lucky to be alive. A hashed-out NDS (afghani secret police) officer took a shot at her with his pistol, leading to the inevitable confrontation between he and I. Protect the ones who can't protect themselves. She is now my roommate, but needs a forever home. :)

Day 2
Introducing Alice! She was brought to me by Patches, two days before Patches flew out. She's a little sick and I wasnt convinced I had enough time to get her out. But yesterday, a stoned NDS (Afghan secret police) officer took a shot at her. My blood boiled, and after the ensuing confrontation... Alice is my new room mate until I can get her out. Help!

Day 3
Alice and I would like to thank LYNN ROSS for the amazing donation, and hope that Lynn can convince her family that Alice would be the perfect, loving, addition! :)

Day 4
Alice has a message for Sophia- who has given the contents of her piggy bank and more to help!!

Day 5-???
The Future:  Hopefully her arrival in Canada! Stay Tuned and Please help us get her outta here. She deserves a good life. We greatly appreciate any and all donations to help her to Canada. She will travel with Fred in the coming weeks so time is of the essence. THANK YOU!

Of course the motorcycle Vets helped alot...amazing that there are such good guys in the strangest places. Go Fred Go!

go to!/pages/Get-Us-Outta-Here-Afghan-war-pups/174738735886650
for more information.