Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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Pixie needs Puppy Rescue Mission to get her to her Soldier!!!

Basically, I inherited a puppy which I have grown really attached too. I do not know the exact details of how she was found but she was rescued from being put down by some dog handlers. The dog handler then returned to the UK after bringing her to the FOB I work at.

Since she arrived, I have made sure she has been fed and looked after to the point she just follows me everywhere. This has caused a few problems as she follows me into ops and tries to follow me when I go anywhere in a vehicle. Moreover, she has a strange fascination with cables and shoe strings which can present a problem as you can imagine.

Her name is Pixie and she is a grey/white afghan mongrel who is very playful and affectionate. I have attached some pics and to be honest I have well over 100 pictures. Iam also eagly awaiting toys and puppy items that I have had sent over from home.

This is where I am not sure what to do, I know she would be well looked after here but even when I was away for a few days she has been scratching at my door and pining for me. I would love to take her back to the UK but I have no idea how to do this.
I am quite prepared to stump up as much as I can afford to get her back to the UK with me but when I looked checked through work it was going to take longer than the time I have left in theatre. She was rescued from being put down in a village and ended at my FOB about 2 months ago and I have looked after her ever since.
She is an adorable friendly puppy who is full of mischief..I would be gutted to leave Pixie behind.  

Many Thanks!

The $2500 we are rasing are to get Pixie to the UK.  Then she has quarantine fees which Pixie's Daddy is trying to fundraise.  We will keep you posted as to how that is going.  
Soldier only has a limited amount of time before he leaves.  Please help!

The Puppy Rescue Mission
Colorado Non-Profit Organization


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