Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Check out Rufus Story

"In loving memory of my adopted veteran Lionel G., who left us last week after a life of service to the country and to others". His family and friends asked for donations in lieu of flowers. 
Alicia Alvarez

Rufus will be needing $1200 to pay for his transportation to the US.  His soldiers have already rescued 5 dogs to the USA on their own dime.  I told them I would try to get enough donations to at least cover the plane ride to the US and a pet crate.  Rufus has 3 possible homes that the soldier will be picking from so wish him luck as they are all special families.  If you can donate it would be greatly appreciated! 

Rufus will not be able to get to the States till January as he still needs his shots. He is living outside a base camp just outside the gates with Molly. He is adorable and Molly has a home now in the US and will be traveling this month. Molly took in the sweet puppy when he wandered onto the base. He was very scared and would just sit in the dog houses that the soldiers made for the strays and Rufus would bark at all the dogs and humans. Molly took him in and now they are best buds. Of course everyone is so anxious to get Rufus to a loving home in the US as once Molly leaves we are afraid what may happen to Rufus.

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