Monday, December 6, 2010

Rufus Update!

Exciting News!  It looks like Rufus is a bundle of fun.  Email from Afghan:

In the two weeks since he showed-up, Rufus has become a bouncy, jumpy, fun little guy zooming all over the place. The transformation has been incredible. He's got a round little puppy belly now and is getting a sof...t, fluffy winter coat. And now his tail spends more time up in the air and wagging instead of tucked between his legs. He's no longer scared of everything, and goes galloping up to greet anyone, who comes by and wants to play. I kind of wish that he wasn't so outgoing and curious, just for his own safety's sake. He lives by a check-point and there are a lot of vehicles that go roaring by, and he's not as aware of his surroundings as he should be. The positive side is that there are guards there throughout the day, who like him, so he is getting very well socialized. He lets me carry him now (he was mad at me for while after visiting the vets) and will sprawl on my lap until he gets bored. At night, when the checkpoint closes, he goes in his house and beds down. Looking at his gangly legs and paws, I think that he'll be a good size and active dog. So he probably needs some outdoor space, and I believe that he'll get along with senior animals (cats and dogs). Rufus is a great little puppy and will make someone happy.

Rufus will be traveling Soon!  So Cross your Paws that all goes safe for this sweet little guy!!! 

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