Monday, February 28, 2011


Miss Miley's Story:

Miley the puppy (at the time, she is a much larger & a teenager now) was rescued during one of their patrols from some Afghani kids had her in a plastic bag. Their entire platoon has been caring for Miley... she has become their war buddy and companion. Unfortunately they will be returning to the states soon (50 days). Kevin, one of the soldiers, has become very attached to Miley and would like to send her home to his parents so that she may live her life in safety.

Miss Miley, Puppy Rescue Mission is going to do whatever it takes to get you to Soldier Kevin's parents house. Paw Salute to this platoon! We appreciate your service and your special hearts!

Puppy Rescue Mission Family & Friends Lets Rally to get Miss Miley to the Land of the Free Because of the Brave!

The Puppy Rescue Mission
"Soldiers Saving Puppies~Puppies Saving Soldiers"
Colorado Non Profit Corporation

Checks can be mailed to: The Puppy Rescue Mission PO Box 1516 Celina, TX 75009

Be sure and designate what dog you are donating for.

Paw Salute!

In the event that there are funds remaining from the donations for this animal the proceeds will be applied to the next animal to be rescued.

If you need to request a rescue please send an email to
Be sure and put RESCUE REQUEST in the subject line. Thank You!

The primary mission of Puppy Rescue Mission is to raise funds & assist various organizations which help soldiers bring home their furry friends from war. While PRM's primary mission is to assist soldiers and their furry friends, PRM will also, from time to time, assist an organization in rehoming a stray animal.

~Watching Miracles Happen~

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