Friday, March 25, 2011


Lee Deckelman
                                                                     Our Fallen, Neda:
Want to define a man,,,a "Real Man"? Want to define a friend,,,a "Real Friend"? Want to define a team,,,,a "Real Team"? This morning while I sat in my room on Facebook sorting myself out, and in tears,,,,,my teammates put themselves in harms way to summit the mountain to our north (known to be Taliban territory) to raise the American flag in honor of our fallen female teammate, Neda Soltan Deckelman. On the right is my best friend, teammate, and the leader of this mission, Keith. On the left is a US Army Captain who was part of the team that recovered Neda in Iran. The flag is blowing into the wind which is symbolic with troops moving forward into battle, never backwards. In the distant south you can see our small base camp and all that separates us from the Taliban. The most profound point for me is,,, my teammates did this without my knowledge,,,they did it because they too love Neda, and she truly was a member of our team. I work and live with some of the finest real men on the planet,,,and for a short time I lived, loved and was a proud team member of the most amazing dog on the planet. "Real" is an action,,,and not a word in a book. My life with Neda was real! I can still smell her!

( 25Nov2010-24Mar2011)

In the face of the heart-rending loss of our beloved and beautiful Neda, Lee Deckelman, Neda Soltan Deckelman's dad, says:

"I would love for any one and everyone to donate any amount $$$ to The Puppy Rescue Mission on Facebook in Neda's honor. It's now my mission to establish a fund for ther overall transit shelter needs for PRM and increase their ability to manage sick animals. Just for starters,,, they could use some additional lab equipment for fecal samples,,, to ID infections. I want something positive to come from all of this,,,thats what Neda was all about!!!

We at The Puppy Rescue Mission, Inc., are grateful to Lee for his big heart, as we are devastated by his tragic loss. We are so proud to be associated with this man and we will be proud to accept donations IN NEDA'S HONOR, to increase the ability to care for the sick and injured in that war-torn courtry.

All monies donated through this chipin, or by check marked IN NEDA'S HONOR, will be ear-marked funds, first for the additional lab equipment that could have helped this week, then for veterinary supplies and other costs related to vet care in Afghanistan.

Thank you all & Rest in Peace Beloved Girl!

Neda Soltan Deckelman

Afghanistan Puppy

Lee Deckelman made the first donation In Honor of Neda...$3600
In the coming months we will be working diligently to establish The Neda Fund with Lee and his family!  Thank You for all your support Puppy Rescue Mission Family & Friends and Paw Salute to Neda.  She accomplished what she came her to do.

The Puppy Rescue Mission, Inc.
Colorado Non Profit Corporation
Pending Application for 501c3

Checks can be mailed to :
The Puppy Rescue Mission
PO Box 1516
Celina, TX 75009

The primary mission of Puppy Rescue Mission is to raise funds & assist various organizations which help soldiers bring home their furry friends from war. While PRM's primary mission is to assist soldiers and their furry friends, PRM will also, from time to time, assist an organization in rehoming a stray animals.

All Funds will go towards making life for an animal in Afghanistan better as they deserve the love and protection from man while on this earth.

God has two dwellings: one in heaven,
and the other in a meek and thankful heart~
                                                            Izaak Walton


  1. Great job folks! If you need help in Iowa, just let me know!


  2. Good Grief
    I picture "A Real Man"; to be like my father or husband and sons! Most assuredly not a female puppy! Let me guess; you can not keep a woman satisfied.
    Get over it and grow up! It’s a dog…