Monday, April 18, 2011

Tiny & Renegade & Don't Forget Lily~

Brief history:  Tiny and Renegade came to our platoon back in
October 2010 when a young local national boy asked if we would like
them.  We were out on patrol and the young boy said he could not feed
them.  I have attached a picture of them back then.  Tiny is on the left
and Renegade is on the right.  We took them back to our base and it was
not long before they became family to us.  A few months later, we had to
move to build a new outpost and there was no question on whether they
would come or not.  We packed them up in the trucks and moved out.  Tiny
and Renegade have grown a lot since October and they are accustomed to
going on patrol with the guys whenever they go out the gate.  Those two
"boys" will follow our patrols anywhere and stay right with the guys.
My platoon (29 infantymen), LOVE our dogs and any one of them would take
them home.  My Platoon Leader and I understand the costs involved and
would be willing to pay whatever the cost is.  Of course we need help
getting Tiny and Renegade home.  I pray you can help. Thank you for your

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