Sunday, May 29, 2011

ETTA aka PupPup

Puppy Rescue Mission is always up to a challenge. So here it is:American in Afghanistan is working for the USA as a secret weapon...Secret is the key. Remember Spiderman Sam. Well we have Spiderman (works by day and puppy rescuer by night) actually who has a heart as big as Texas. He has been caring for the animals outside the wire. So far rescued 13 pups and kitties with the help of other Americans serving over there. He has made very very large dog houses to help protect some of the animals from not so nice humans and other animals.

He is UNCLE SPIDEY to a special girl named PupPup. He has been vetting all the strays and protecting them as much as he can. This group of pups are "THE BACKGATE GANG". He asked us to name the 2 new puppies that were delivered 4 weeks ago and PRM TEAM named them Butch and Sundance. So to keep with the plot of Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid we also named their Momma's best friend PupPup~Etta (Katherine Ross in the movie for those who need a refresher course). Etta has been adopted by a Soldier and his girlfriend in Kentucky. The Soldier is currently serving in Afghanistan and the girlfriend has fallen for ETTA. So here is the challenge: Uncle Spidey has been paying for the rescueing of all these animals and the feeding, vetting, loving, petting, playing and all around fathering of all these strays. PRM has known Uncle Spidey for quite a long time. He not only cares for the animals but he has been known to go and visit our puppies at the transit facility to check on Our Soldiers Pups. He has also helped some soldiers get their animals protected and delivered to safety. We wanted to help him with "THE BACKGATE GANG" so we have set up a chipin for ETTA aka Pup Pup. She will be followed by Butch & Sundance, Wiggles, Scooter & Pops (if Pops ever fully learns to trust Uncle Spidey). Remember "One Dog at A Time"...So lets focus on getting ETTA to the Land of The Free, Because of the Brave.

The Puppy Rescue Mission, Inc
"Soldiers Saving Puppies~Puppies Saving Soldiers"
Colorado Non Profit Corporation

This is Auntie Etta Checking on Wiggles puppies~Butch & Sundance. She has told them all about the Land of the Free~Because of the Brave and they are all ears when she tells them about grass and clear clean water and puppy treats that have peanut butter in them. But mostly they love to hear about the families over in the Country they call USA. They are amazed to hear that people in America love their puppies and even give them kisses! Paw Salute and Lets get them to the USA! ETTA first though as it is 1 puppy at a time (1PAAT).

"Raindrops kept falling on her head" so she is now at the transit facility hanging out with PUPPIES!! I hear there is quite a puppy party going on there.

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