Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Little Boston

                                                                        From the Soldier:
Little Boston was picked up by our National Guard Unit out of Massachusetts so of course the only proper name for her was Boston. She was determined that day to get away from the hard life, fending for herself and being a target for little rock throwers that had nothing better to do than harm helpless puppies. As the MRAP pulled off she ran right along with it in its huge shadow and won the hearts of our SECFOR guys. This was the day that little Boston would start a new life. From the "streets" of Afghanistan she has adapted well as our little "Princess" at FOB Smart. She is a 2-3 month old female with lots of energy and she loves the attention she receives. Nobody can resist those little puppy dog eyes when she looks up at you and challenges you to play.
Initially she was going to be another "FOB Dog" and we all took turns taking care of her when we weren't on missions, but somehow I had taken the title of her "mommy" because she followed me everywhere. Boston has become my little shadow and feel like I have to make sure she goes to a good home!

This little Princess will be coming home with you!
The Puppy Rescue Mission, Inc
"Soldiers Saving Puppies~Puppies Saving Soldiers"
Colorado Non Profit Corporation

Checks can be mailed to:
The Puppy Rescue Mission
PO Box 1516
Celina, TX 75009

If you need to request a rescue please send an email to Be sure and put RESCUE REQUEST in the subject line. Thank You!

The primary mission of Puppy Rescue Mission is to raise funds & assist various organizations which help soldiers bring home their furry friends from war. While PRM's primary mission is to assist soldiers and their furry friends, PRM will also, from time to time, assist an organization in rehoming a stray animal.
~Watching Miracles Happen~

In the event that there are funds remaining from the donations for this animal and any of the animals, The Puppy Rescue Mission Board of Directors will use the excess funds where necessary.

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