Monday, June 20, 2011


"It's so funny how something as simple as a puppy can make even the hardest,
toughened soldier melt upon a few kisses to the face."


Hi, My Name Is Gabe, I'm an Army veteran who served 8 years for the USA. I served my country faithful. My father served 23 years for our country. I am currently working to train the Afghan Army and assist our troops. While deployed in Afghanistan I fell in love with a little girl. She is my baby Girl Lizzy, Long for LZ(Landing Zone). I found her on the landing zone amongst MRAPS and Helos runnng around the LZ. I have been taking care of her for a little under 2 weeks now. I live by myself in tents so hiding her is no problem. I take her to work with me everyday. The guys love her so much. I need to get her back to the States before Vector Control finds her and puts her down. I have strong connections with the SF community and I am currently working on trying to get her shots, but nothing is guarantted. I have a bunch of guys (Army & Civilian) here that are willing to donate funds and plenty of guys that want to take her back to the states. This little girl has touched alot of hearts. She is the one thing that makes being here tolerable. Can you Please Help Lizzy!


     Paw Salute Gabe for Giving This Precious Girl a chance to live a life a Puppy Deserves!!!

The Puppy Rescue Mission, Inc
"Soldiers Saving Puppies~Puppies Saving Soldiers"
Colorado Non Profit Corporation
Checks can be mailed to:

The Puppy Rescue Mission
PO Box 1516
Celina, TX 75009

Be sure and designate what dog you are donating for.

If you need to request a rescue please send an email to
Be sure and put RESCUE REQUEST in the subject line. Thank You!

The primary mission of Puppy Rescue Mission is to raise funds & assist various organizations which help soldiers bring home their furry friends from war. While PRM's primary mission is to assist soldiers and their furry friends, PRM will also, from time to time, assist an organization in rehoming a stray animal.

~Watching Miracles Happen~

In the event that there are funds remaining from the donations for this animal and any of the animals, The Puppy Rescue Mission Board of Directors will use the excess funds where necessary.

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