Friday, July 1, 2011

Heavenly Halo

From the Soldier of LuLu:
Halo was the camp dog when we arrived here with our pups.  About a month and a half after we arrived the guys who took her in had to leave to return home.  Halo was depressed for a good week.  I could tell she was a very sensitive and special dog.  However, she did have the puppies to keep her occupied and they filled her days with good ole dog activities.  Once the new group of guys came we realized that none of the dogs would be completely safe here anymore and soon the pups left her too.  Halo was pretty heartbroke which broke my heart.  I began to focus all my spare time on her.  Not only did she need it but so did I.  We became best friends.  She slept with me and escorted me to our outdoor showers every night.  One night while I was taking a shower a huge bug flew in and of course I screamed!  Next thing I knew Halo was barking and running to my rescue!  She showed me that night that if someone loved her there was nothing she wouldn't do for that person.  Unfortunately, there were guys on the camp who couldn't see just how special she was.  One night a few of them chased Halo all around the camp trying to tape her up to shoot her.  Luckily our female medic stepped in and Halo was able to run away and find a good hiding spot.  Apparently they had been harassing her for sometime but I didn't know.  That's when I contacted all the ladies that helped us rescue our LuLu and Betty.  Halo just left yesterday to the shelter in Kabul.  Already the camp feels different...Halo's happy spirit is gone.  I miss her but I know that she is on a journey to a good home.  I just can't wait to come visit her when I get back to the United States to see her again.
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The primary mission of Puppy Rescue Mission is to raise funds & assist various organizations which help soldiers bring home their furry friends from war. While PRM's primary mission is to assist soldiers and their furry friends, PRM will also, from time to time, assist an organization in rehoming a stray animal.

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In the event that there are funds remaining from the donations for this animal and any of the animals, The Puppy Rescue Mission Board of Directors will use the excess funds where necessary.

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