Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lincoln and Powda: Together Forever!

Here are some pictures of Powda and me. There are also a couple of Powda wrestling with her brother and closest pal Lincoln. I love Lincoln as well. I've heard awful things of what becomes of male pups left out here in Afghanistan. If there is any way I can keep them together and bring them both home for a reasonable price I will.

Our patrol dog Mama had eight pups here on the Base about a month ago. Mama is a goddess here on the Base. She patrols every morning and without her, the soldiers just don't feel as comfortable on patrol. She and her pups live right under my tent. The smallest one, Powda, was such the runt that she still couldn't see while her brother and sisters were running around causing trouble. But I made sure she got special attention. She's since caught up well, still smaller than her siblings but what she lacks in size she makes up for with sheer determination. Each day when I bring the pups food, she is the first to scamper out from under the tent. After she eats, she always leaves the group to come gnaw on my boots or lick the salt from my hands. Lately, her brother Lincoln has joined her. Without fail, he distracts her from me and they begin wrestling, as pictured. The two of them bring such joy every night as I return to my tent. In fact, they all do, not just for me, but for all our soldiers, who do their best to provide comfort for the pups in this very harsh environment. I'd love to bring Powda and Lincoln home so they can enjoy a better life.
Very Respectfully,

For Sure we are going to help you , Powda & Lincoln! No one will be left behind!!!

The Puppy Rescue Mission, Inc
"Soldiers Saving Puppies~Puppies Saving Soldiers"
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All donations are Tax Deductible to the full extent of the law.
Checks can be mailed to:
The Puppy Rescue Mission
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Be sure and designate what dog you are donating for.

If you need to request a rescue please send an email to

Be sure and put RESCUE REQUEST in the subject line. Thank You!

The primary mission of Puppy Rescue Mission is to raise funds & assist various organizations which help soldiers bring home their furry friends from war. While PRM's primary mission is to assist soldiers and their furry friends, PRM will also, from time to time, assist an organization in rehoming a stray animal.

~Watching Miracles Happen~
In the event that there are funds remaining from the donations for this animal and any of the animals, The Puppy Rescue Mission Board of Directors will use the excess funds where necessary.

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